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About Us

We're the website for business owners, customer service agents, and other people who have horrible customers and want to get back at the jerks. No one likes having their day ruined by bad customers. We keep a digital record of all their bad deeds to identify and eliminate bad customers from businesses.

Get your mojo back!

When a bad customer screws your day, screw their day back by submitting a proof document to us. Just enter their email, give us enough proof of their bad deed, and we'll handle it from there.

If your proof is sufficient to show they are bad customers, we will update their record in our database. Our API is used by websites around the world to screen sign ups. If their record in our system is bad enough, we tell those website to simply not let the customer sign up. Boom! We've helped your day get better and we saved another business owner a headache. All thanks to you!

Easy to use

No sign up needed. Just enter the bad customer's email and a proof document.

Integrates everywhere

API integrations are available for all major platforms! Check them out here.


We don't ever remove judgements from customer records.


No charge. We want you to benefit from fewer bad customers. Good karma has no price!

Threat or action

Separate people who constantly threaten from those that actually act with fine-grained incident categories.